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Announcements for the month of JUNE 2019


As we begin this season of an intentional focus on prayer, we have a few requests for you to be specifically praying for.


  1. God’s Glory in All Things
  2. Practice Righteousness through Spiritual Discipline
  3. Leadership
  4. Congregation
  5. Men’s Group
  6. Women’s Bible Study
  7. GOAL Sports
  8. Unknown Members
  9. Redeemer’s Future
  10. The city of Dearborn
  11. Our Partnering Churches
  12. Our Partnering Church Plants

GOAL Sports

Registration is now open for our Spring league. Click here to register and for more informations. 

Identity: Who We Are in Christ

Who am I? Whose am I? What does it mean to be “in Christ?” How does my identity affect every aspect of my life. These are great questions, and we answered each of them as we walked through our series, “Identity.”

Recently, Redeemer walked through a study of the book, “Visual Theology.” Its purpose was to:
1) Give new believers a Biblical foundation upon which to stand
2) Sure up the foundation of those who have been believers for some time


Listen to each of the lessons here:
Visual Theology Study

MEANING UNDER THE SUN: A Study Through Ecclesiastes

Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? If you’ve asked these questions, this series is for you. Find your purpose in life in our study through Ecclesiastes. *Hint* What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. 

Ecclesiastes Sermon Series

Advent 2018: Hope, Love, Joy, Peace

Join us this advent season as we celebrate the incarnation of our savior, Jesus Christ.

LITURGY: Creation; Fall; Redemption; Culmination

Why does our Sunday gathering look basically the same every week? Why is your “worship” structured the way that it is? What in the world is liturgy? These questions and more are answered in our study through “Liturgy.”  Head over to the sermons page to listen to the series.

We just finished our study through the book of Colossians. Head over to our sermons page and have a listen back through our series, “The Supremacy of Christ.”

To start off the new year, we are diving into the book of Colossians to find our focus and purpose for the coming year.

Listen to the sermon series here.

Each Sunday in December, we looked at the subject of the Incarnation, celebrating the hope, love, joy and peace we have in  Jesus Christ.

Listen to the sermon series here.

Each Sunday in November we discussed the topic of Reconciliation through the lense of the book of Philemon. Listen to the sermon series here.
Head over to redeemerdearborn.com/family and fill out our family info form. This will help us get to know you better and ensure that no one at Redeemer falls through the cracks. Each person is created in the image of God and we intend to honor you as such. Help us make this possible.